A Magic Eraser: Our Concrete Cleaning Process

We all wish for that magic eraser to take away our property eyesores.

And while there isn’t any magic involved, our concrete cleaning process does deliver the same impact.

Our Process

Okay, okay – so we aren’t magicians. We’re just really good at our jobs. Our concrete cleaning service is designed to restore beautiful curb appeal to your property, starting from the ground and working its way up. This includes:

  • Pressure washing equipment that is expressly designed to clean concrete. You aren’t getting a subpar fix – you’re getting an authentic solution.
  • Cleaning technology formulated to break down stains from grease, dirt, and oil.
  • Wastewater recovery that keeps your property safe and in compliance with EPA regulations.

The Perks of Clean Concrete

Your property’s concrete surfaces have a way of sneaking up on you. They cover a lot of ground – and they also carry enormous functional value.

With regular concrete cleaning from Gleam Team, you do get that magic eraser effect. And the benefits follow!