Clean Gutters for the Fall

Clean Gutters for the FallDuring the fall months, gutters tend to become cluttered with leaves, twigs, and other falling debris. Many homeowners mistakenly believe that clogged gutters are harmless, but they can actually lead to major and costly home repairs. Since gutters are responsible for controlling the flow of water around your home, it is essential to keep them free and clear of debris for many reasons.

When gutters remain clogged, roof water begins to overflow and collect around the foundation of your home. Excess water in this area can cause significant basement leaks, weakened footings, and cracks in the foundation. Water backups can further cause moisture damage to the wood fascia of your home, resulting in rotted areas. Since insects are attracted to areas of moisture as well, the bugs may be tempted to take a tasty snack from the foundation and its perimeter.

If the gutters are not cleaned before the cold winter months arrive, the overflowing gutters tend to cause deposits of water onto sidewalks and driveways. If the water freezes here, it can be a serious slipping hazard to residents and pedestrians. Ice-dams can also form on top of the gutter, leading to an accumulation of frozen snow. During a thaw period, water that naturally runs off the roof will be blocked and back up onto the roof. Leaking roofs can lead to severe structural, wall, and ceiling damages.

Keeping your gutters clean and clear is the best way to protect your home from suffering these potential damages. For professional gutter cleaning in the San Antonio area, the Gleam Team will make sure your gutters are gleaming!