Clean Home: Healthy Family

When you think of maintaining a clean home as a way to keep your family healthy, your thoughts may center around cleaning surfaces such as countertops and floors. Have you considered how unsanitary some exterior areas of your home can be? There are various outdoor areas where your family can come in contact with a variety of potentially harmful contaminants.

Mold and mildew are hazardous to everyone’s health. For adults and children with asthma or allergy issues mold and mildew can be a serious health threat. Over a period of time, it’s quite likely that mold, mildew, and algae will appear on the exterior of your home. For the safety of your family, it needs to be removed. Hiring professionals such as those at Gleam Team is a way to assure that the removal is done properly.

If your family includes young children, most likely, they play on your deck, patio or driveway. Although you may regularly sweep these areas, dirt, grime and germs can reside on the concrete or wood. Take a moment to think about where people have walked before walking on your patio, deck or driveway. Lots of germs can be brought in on their shoes. Birds and animals of all types can leave germs on exterior surfaces where your kids play. The Gleam Team can pressure wash those areas and remove contaminants that you can’t see. The area around a pool is another area that should be pressured washed regularly to keep your family healthy.  By having Gleam Team assist you with cleaning the exterior of your home, you are able to give your family a cleaner and safer environment.