Graffiti Protection: Why Graffiti Removal Isn’t Enough

Graffiti is inconvenient and it’s an eyesore. We prevent it from bringing your property down. 

Graffiti is an unfortunate – but often inevitable – obstacle for any property. If you’ve dealt with vandalism before, you can appreciate the issues that come along with it.

When Your Property Is Collateral Damage

Graffiti is invasive. It’s inconvenient. It’s offensive. And it puts the reputation of your property into jeopardy.

Luckily, when graffiti happens, there’s a quick solution: Gleam Team. Our on-call services are here to deliver a speedy removal service that will get your exterior back on track.

But what if you want to prevent graffiti from happening in the first place? Our team has the answer.

Because Prevention Makes A Difference

If you live in an area vulnerable to graffiti damage – or if your property has been impacted by vandalism before – protection is key. We offer a secure sealant that will prevent most surfaces from falling victim to graffiti damage. This protective coating serves as a:

  • Damage Deterrent
    Vandals are overwhelmingly more likely to strike a property that they know will have success with. If you put protective measures in place, you aren’t just safeguarding a property – you’re sending a message that you take your property seriously.
  • Quality Control Measure
    Sure, we have a graffiti removal service. But wouldn’t it be better to avoid the issue in the first place. We help you avoid the inconvenience before it starts, so you can focus on what really matters: your business.
  • Property Investment
    Visible vandalism can make your property value (and the reputation of your business) plummet. We help you invest in a service that protects your property and the impression you project to your community.

Graffiti is never a good surprise. But you can always feel confident you have a protection plan in place when Gleam Team is by your side. Our graffiti removal and prevention services help you protect your exterior – and your reputation – from every vantage point!