Gutter Cleaning for the Fall

Falling Leaves

As the leaves start to change to vivid colors of yellow and orange, those beautiful trees eventually lose their leaves and as a homeowner, you must get your rake out to clean up the debris. Leaves tend to fall on other areas besides the lawn.  In fact, leaves often fall into your home’s gutters; however, ensuring the remnants of fall don’t remain in your home’s gutters is an essential part of autumn home maintenance.

Leaves in Gutters

When a home has gutters that are filled with leaves and other biodegradable bits and pieces, several problems may develop and cause damage to the home. Gutters provide an essential service to your home by making sure that water that cascades down your roof does not end up sinking into the foundation and creating flooded basements, cracked foundations, and rotting wood.

Clogged Gutters

In addition to problems in the structure and health of your home, clogged gutters may also lead to water damage in other areas of your home. The sidewalk may freeze over due to pooling water or the driveway may break up due to water sinking into the cracks and causing damage.

Gutter Cleaning for the Fall

Enlisting the services of a professional gutter cleaner is an essential task when your gutters get full of leaves and aren’t helping to whisk water away from the home. Fall should be a time to enjoy the beauty of the season’s change with family and friends and not a time spent hanging over the gutters of your home to clean them of dead leaves. Ensure the safety of your home and family with a visit from a professional gutter cleaning company.