House Washing


San Antonio’s House Washing Experts

Are mold and mildew taking over your home’s eves & siding? According to the American Hardboard Association, “Paint and other organic surfaces may deteriorate and become permanently stained if mildew is allowed to continue growing on them.” That means its time for a house wash.

House Washing San Antonio TX

The Soft Washing Technique

At Gleam Team Window Cleaning, we use a technique called “soft washing.” Soft washing consists of using safe chemicals and very low pressure on the surface being washed. The chemical does most of the work so that your home is protected from possible damage. Although soft washing uses low pressure, it is a very effective method of cleaning siding. We can even clean vinyl siding!

When house washing your beautiful San Antonio home, we will use only the best cleaning products, ensuring superior results!

registered power washing company with San Antonio Water System

San Antonio Water System

We are a registered power washing company with San Antonio Water System, and follow all their pressure washing guidelines. If you use a San Antonio pressure washing company that ignores San Antonio Water System guidelines, YOU can be held liable! Protect yourself by insisting on a power washing company that follows these guidelines.

San Antonio Water System power washing certification ID: SAWSPW0903