San Antonio’s Pressure Washing Experts

Gleam Team also offers these additional services:

Pressure Washing Concrete in San Antonio

Pressure washing (also called power washing) can make dirty concrete driveways, sidewalks, and patios look like new again! Gleam Team’s pressure washing service can usually remove even the toughest oil and rust stains.

Bio-degradable pressure cleaning products

Gleam Team Pressure Washing uses all bio-degradable pressure cleaning products that will not harm your landscape. We also use a surface cleaner machine which prevents etching the concrete during power washing. Our philosophy is to use the lowest amount of pressure needed to do the job so that there’s no chance of damaging your property.

Sidewalk Cleaning San Antonio TX

Rust Stain Removal in San Antonio

Rust stains do not have to mar the beauty of your property! Getting down to the science is what makes the Gleam Team rust removal service so effective. Whether your rust stains came from landscaping fertilizer, exposed metal, battery acid or something else - we can take care of the problem safely and effectively.

Rust Stain Removal

Pool Deck Cleaning in San Antonio

Summertime in San Antonio invites everyone into their pool to cool off.  Don’t let an unsightly pool deck deter you from enjoying your backyard oasis!  Let Gleam Team clean up the concrete and wooden surfaces around your pool!

Not Normally Included in Pool Maintenance

Most pool maintenance companies in the San Antonio area only service your actual pool.  Cleaning the concrete or wooden areas around your pool is equally important.  Dirt, debris, germs, bacteria, and other terrible items can get tracked into your pool water from a dirty pool deck.  Gleam Team is to the rescue!  Our soft washing technique will ensure that we do not damage any of your pool deck surfaces, and leave you with a pristine pool deck!  Call today for a free quote.

Pool Deck Cleaning San Antonio TX


Deck Cleaning & Sealing in San Antonio

Your deck is one of the most important areas of your home. It is often where you choose to relax or entertain friends. Because decks can be expensive, it also represents a substantial financial investment on your part. Doesn’t it make sense to protect your investment?

How To Keep Your Deck Looking Good

Periodic cleaning and sealing not only keep your deck looking its best but also prolongs the life of the wood. However, use of high-pressure washing and improper cleaning techniques can do more harm than good. Gleam Team has extensive knowledge of the wood cleaning and sealing process, our technicians are certified Wolman contractors. Our low-pressure techniques ensure that your wood will not be damaged.

Preparation Is Key

We will take the time necessary for preparing the surface, to ensure that your deck is in the optimal condition to receive the seal. We also use a penetrating sealer that will absorb deep into the wood, strengthening the entire structure. Solid color stain deck refinishing is also available. Do you need deck restoration services? Gleam Team is your San Antonio deck sealing expert!

Registered Power Washing company with San Antonio Water System

San Antonio Water System

We are a registered power washing company with San Antonio Water System, and follow all their pressure washing guidelines. If you use a San Antonio pressure washing company that ignores San Antonio Water System guidelines, YOU can be held liable! Protect yourself by insisting on a power washing company that follows these guidelines.

San Antonio Water System Power Washing Certification ID: SAWSPW0903