Reduce Home Cooling Costs With Roof Cleaning

If you feel as though your home cooling costs are too high during the hot months of summer, then you might be wondering what you can do to reduce your home cooling costs without having to sacrifice your comfort in the process. Fortunately, there are some simple steps you can take to make your home more energy efficient. One of these simple tasks that many homeowners are not aware of is that of simply having your roof cleaned.


Over time, dirt and other debris are swept onto your roof by the wind and can build up to form a dark, thick layer that coats your roof. This debris breaks down forming mold and algae buildup, often visible as dark streaks on the roof. This dark layer absorbs more of the sun’s rays, resulting in a higher overall temperature within your home. It is similar to the effect of the sun shining down on a greenhouse. Fortunately, this can be solved by simply having professional roof cleaning done, which will clear dirt and debris off your roof, resulting in lower temperatures throughout your home in addition to the better structural integrity of your roof.


If you have not had your home’s roof cleaned in the recent past, you should know that it is recommended you do this every few months. Fortunately, you can save yourself the hassle of trying to clean your roof by simply hiring a company such as the Gleam Team, which proudly serves the San Antonio area. By scheduling a roof cleaning appointment with them, you can have your roof non-pressure cleaned and looking new in no time.