A Scary Story for Your Roof: Black Streaks

Halloween might be a month away, but we’re in the mood for spooky stories. And why you might think that the world of exterior cleaning is short on scary tales, think again!

We encounter roofs in the throes of a nightmare invasion every single day. And the evil culprit? Black Streaks.

When Black Streaks Invade Your Roof

It isn’t all that uncommon to see black streaks on roofs in the San Antonio area. But this is more than an eyesore: it’s an invasion in action. Allow us to explain:

  • – What are black streaks? They’re actually a type of bacteria called Gloeocapsa Magma.
  • – Is that alive? Yes.
  • – Why is on my roof? Your roof is its favorite type of food. It thrives on the limestone particles in shingles.
  • – Why do black streaks grow? The more Gloeocapsa eats, the more it grows.
  • – So when I see black streaks, I’m seeing its path of destruction? Yes. we know – it isn’t pretty.

A Happy Ending to a Scary Story

Black streaks are a spooky addition to any property. But they aren’t a “forever problem.” Gleam Team delivers a roof cleaning solution that restores your siding.

Using soft washing, we do a few important things:

  • – Remove black streak stains
  • – Kill Gloeocapsa Magma
  • – … And prevent it from coming back

Your shingles shouldn’t be the unwilling host of a scary story. With roof cleaning from Gleam Team, your roof will be well-protected!