Restore Your Scratched Glass Surface in San Antonio

Graffiti has long been a problem for San Antonio business owners. In an effort to keep their tag on display for as long as possible, vandals have turned to scratching or acid etching their tags into glass. This type of damage is much harder and more expensive for San Antonio business owners to deal with. No longer can store owners simply paint over graffiti. Since glass replacement is very costly, the glass graffiti stays up and the taggers win... until now! It is possible to fix scratched glass in San Antonio! Gleam Team's glass restoration service is making it possible and affordable for San Antonio business owners to fight back. Don't replace... Restore! Using the latest technology, Gleam Team can remove scratches from many different types of glass surfaces for a fraction of the cost of replacing the glass.

Gleam Team uses the revolutionary Glass Renu system for all our scratch repair in San Antonio. Old scratch removal systems used a wet grinding method to repair scratched glass. The problem with the wet method lead is that it lead to distortion in the glass. Gleam Team's Glass Renu system utilizes dry grinding technology for distortion-free repairs. In fact, Gleam Team is one of the ONLY San Antonio scratch removal companies that guarantees distortion free scratch repair! Whether you have scratch damage, acid etch graffiti, or even severe hard water damage, Gleam Team can fix it all!

Graffiti Removal in San Antonio

Call Gleam Team to remove scratch tag graffiti from your windows. We can grind out the scratch damage safely using our Glass Renu system. Once the scratch is removed we can apply a special anti-graffiti film to your windows. This film will protect your glass from future damage. If someone attempts to scratch the glass simply replace the old film with a new sheet.

Benefits of using our San Antonio Glass Scratch Removal Service:

  • Fraction of the cost of replacing the glass
  • Less disruptive to your business than glass replacement
  • Good for the environment, saves glass from being thrown in the landfill
  • Distortion Free repairs, it will be like the scratches were never there!
  • Keep it off with our special anti-graffiti film