What Is That In My Gutters?

When rain hits San Antonio, are you noticing that your gutters are only working at half-speed? They aren’t permanently down for the count – they likely just need a little gutter cleaning expertise.

Because they’re constantly exposed to the great outdoors, your gutters accumulate a lot of “stuff.” But when all of this buildup sticks around, it prevents your gutters from doing their job.

Gleam Team deep cleans, clears, and de-clogs your gutter system so it can do its job on sunny days and rainy ones, too. While we’re working at properties in our community, we encounter a whole gamut of buildup. This includes:

  • Mold: This fungus loves the moist, shady atmosphere. The more it is allowed to remain, the more it grows.
  • Sticks and leaves: If you have a lot of tree cover on your property, it’s no huge surprise that it dumps some leftovers into your gutters.
  • Insects: Many insects – especially mosquitoes – love standing water. They lay eggs, and that’s where the bug bites begin.
  • Birds and rodents: We’ve found our fair share of nests in gutters. These inconvenient homes are a huge source of clogging issues for gutters.
  • Water: When your gutters get clogged, rainwater has nowhere to go. So it sits stagnant until it overflows.

With the technology and expert capabilities of our gutter cleaning team, even the dirtiest channels will be transformed into something functional and curb appeal friendly.