Why Is My House Turning Green?

What things do you know that are green? Plants, of course. Mold is a plant that grows on any surface, particularly one that is moist and shaded. That is its natural habitat and, as long as you so generously provide it, it will flourish.

If you allow its verdant growth, be prepared for the consequences — weakening your home’s and your family’s health. Significant damage can occur to the integrity of siding as the plants send their roots deep into its structure.

People are sensitive to mold, even if it’s outside. Mold can cause allergic reactions in people and can harm their health. The very young and the elderly are particularly sensitive to its effects.

And, of course, it makes your home look as if no one cares about its appearance, which becomes shabby, splotchy and dirty looking.

Your best bet to remove this annoying intruder it to call the Gleam Team. They will have your home looking like new, clean and mold-free in a matter of a few hours. There is no need to paint, just a real need to clean your siding.

To keep your home looking clean and gleaming, use the Gleam Team every year!Why Is My House Turning Green?