Will Cleaning My Roof Damage Its Shingles?

dirty-roofProtect Your Roof – Protect Your Investment

Your roof isn’t ‘just another facet’ of your home. It’s vital to the structural integrity of it – Arguably, it’s the most important part of the entire building. In order to secure the long life of your roof, you want to have a maintenance plan in place that will keep it clean without exposing it to risk.

When you choose Gleam Team, you can consider that mission accomplished. We know that your roof is an investment, and are proud to offer a solution that will preserve its well-being for years to come. If left unattended, roofing can get exposed to a number of issues. Mold and mildew aren’t just a health risk, but also leave those nasty black streaks that create a blaring eyesore across your home.

Trust The Gleam Team with Your Roof

Eliminate the issue before it starts and makes a small investment with our periodic roof cleaning services. We utilize a no-pressure washing method that effectively removes dirt, growth, and other debris… Without putting the condition of your shingles at risk. What’s more, our method is effective with virtually any roofing material. Whether you have an asphalt, stucco, ceramic, or metal, we’ve got a solution that you can count on.

Choose the safe and effective route for your roof. When you trust Gleam Team for your San Antonio power washing needs, you aren’t just getting curb appeal: You’re also getting a healthier home that will last longer. It’s a win-win!