Your Clean Roof – Important To Your Homeowners Policy


If you fail to properly maintain your home, you run the risk of having your homeowner’s insurance policy canceled. More and more homeowners insurance agencies are canceling their clients’ policies due to dirty roofs. A dirty roof that is littered with debris can cause undue damage to an otherwise sound and sturdy roof. Don’t get caught with a dirty roof. Here is how you can keep your roof clean and prevent cancellation of your homeowner’s insurance policy.


Fungi on Your Roof

Most homeowners insurance agencies are concerned with the growing amounts of fungi-related roof damage. When wet leaves and moss accumulates on a roof, it becomes susceptible to large concentrations of fungi growth. The various nooks and crannies of your roof’s shingles are the perfect place for fungi to grow, especially on north-facing roofs that don’t get much sunlight. Over time fungi eats away at your roof’s shingles and a complete roof replacement, well before the roof’s expiration time, is the only solution to the problem. Prevention is the best way to prevent fungi on your roof and a subsequent homeowners insurance policy cancellation.


Professional Roof Cleaning
Professional cleaning is the best way to prevent fungi growth on your roof. Roof washing not only removes fungi from your roof, but it can also restore your roof’s appearance.

Unlike most roof cleaning services, our special non-pressure, no damage roof washing techniques remove harmful growths from your roof without spreading harmful runoff during the process.


Allowing fungi to take over your roof can cost you $5,000 to $10,000 for a total roof replacement and the loss of your homeowner’s insurance policy. A quick and efficient roof cleaning costs a fraction of that price. Make the smarter choice and contact Gleam Team to protect your home.