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Get Better Services With Gleam Team Window Packages

There are many window services out there that simply come into your place of work or home, clean your windows and then leave. That’s it. They don’t offer any custom packages or guarantee any of the work. Here on our team, we believe our customers deserve better.

With Gleam Team, you have access to three different window cleaning packages so you can make a choice based on your current needs. And with our rain insurance, you can be confident your glass will gleam long after our team leaves. Read on to learn about our packages and when you’re ready to get your glass shining, reach out to us!

Trusted Window Cleaning Service

The Starter Package is a standard window cleaning service and is perfect for homeowners who want clean windows without any bells and whistles. Your windows are cleaned inside and out and all exposed parts of tracks and sills are wiped clean. Major cobwebs are also wiped from your screens.

With this package, our technicians will clean only the exposed parts of your windows – they will not open the panes to clean the tracks underneath. This is a great option to banish grimy or dirty windows between deep cleanings. Contact Gleam Team to speak with one of our friendly team members or to schedule your appointment.

Be An All-Star

The All-Star Package offers homeowners the same services as the Starter Package plus more screen care. Our technicians will brush your screens of dust and cobwebs as well as wipe the frames. Your bottom tracks and sills will also be wiped. This service does not include detailing your window tracks.

With this package, you also get Gleam Team’s standard 3-day rain insurance. Invest in clean windows and know that you’re covered in case of a pop-up rainstorm. This package is great if you want sparkling windows with just a little bit more care for your screens.

Upgrade Your Window Cleaning Game

The Hall-Of-Fame Package is the best level of service you can get and the best value. You’ll receive ultra-long 5-day rain insurance, giving you peace of mind long after our team is gone. Our technicians will use the latest in cleaning techniques to thoroughly clean your windows and transform the look of your space.

With this package, you get all of the above plus the Gleam Team will get your screens looking like new again with our screen rejuvenator and protectant. Your screens will be washed and replaced, and your sliding door screens will also be brushed. This is the most comprehensive window cleaning package we offer, leaving your glass, screens and window sills looking like new.

Get Started With Gleam Team

With Gleam Team you get personalized service. While other companies are in a rush to get to the next job, we stay behind while you inspect the work and make sure it’s all done to your satisfaction. The Gleam Team serves the San Antonio area and is one of the leading contenders for the best window cleaning service in the area. Ready to see the difference we can make in your home? Reach out to us today to get started!

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