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Keep your roof clean today for peace of mind tomorrow!

Long-Lasting Roof Cleaning Services

Texas weather can be rough on your roof, leading to algae growth, mold and stains. A dirty roof not only looks unsightly but if left untreated, can lead to loose shingles, holes and other roof damage. Let the professionals at Gleam Team provide your building with roof cleaning services!

Extend the lifespan of your roof and improve its durability by scheduling your cleaning with our team. Our technicians can utilize the best method for your roof, so you can be confident your home or business will look its best. With proven customer care, fast quotes and easy scheduling, why wait? Reach out to schedule your service today!

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Turn To Gleam Team

For years, Gleam Team has used advanced methods and high-quality equipment to provide superior customer service. Our technicians can tackle any type of roofing material, be it tile, metal, asphalt shingles or a composite roof. So, no matter what kind of roof you have, our team can clean it!

Is Washing Your Roof A Good Idea?

Scheduling a roof cleaning is an important investment in your home or business. Without routine cleaning, your roof can succumb to mold growth, moss and debris buildup. Left untreated, these issues can cause wet spots or loose shingles and lead to structural damage over time.


Here are a list of cities we offer our professional Roof Cleaning service:

Take care of your roof, and consequently your building, by investing in a roof cleaning from Gleam Team. Washing your roof can reveal areas where repair is needed, be that loss of shingle granules, damaged flashing or holes. Taking care of your roof and ensuring it’s in good condition will extend its lifespan and keep your home feeling safe and looking beautiful season after season.

Trust Your Roof To Our Team

Cleaning your residential roof is not a do-it-yourself type of chore. Between steep pitches, heights, slick patches, wind speed and other variables, it’s clear that this task is best left to professionals. Our team is well-equipped, experienced and ready to get your roof clean. Whether this is the first time you’re looking for this service, or you’re choosing a routine roof cleaning, our team is here for you!

Not all roofs are constructed the same, so why should they be cleaned the same way? Older roofs require special treatment. They shouldn’t be pressure washed but rather soft washed to avoid costly damage.

In addition, commercial roofs can be completely flat or have other obstacles like large vents to contend with. Our technicians will utilize the best methods for your residential or commercial roof, so feel free to reach out today to schedule your service.

Prepare For Your Roof Cleaning

In order to clean your roof with zero chance of damage and ensure the greatest lifespan of your roof, we’ll wash your roof with detergent and/or sodium hypochlorite. The use of soft washing with sodium hypochlorite completely removes the risk of using high pressure on your roof, however, it does come with some other inherent risks. We cannot guarantee that your landscaping will be completely unaffected, and you should be wary of any roof cleaner that says otherwise.

That said, we will do all that we can to help mitigate the risks of our cleaning detergents affecting plant matter around the base of your home or business. To best prepare for your roof cleaning, move potted plants away from the perimeter of the building and cover shrubs and small trees with a tarp to protect them from runoff.

Schedule Your Roof Washing Today

Whether your roof needs washing for the first time or you’re interested in signing up for seasonal cleanings, look no further than the roof washing services from our team! We’re not here only to clean your roof. Let us clean your gutters or pressure wash your siding, too. Your building can look like new with exterior cleaning from our team.

Here at Gleam Team, we make cleaning the exterior of your house and business easy and hassle-free. Contact our team for more information or to schedule your roof cleaning today!

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