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Gleam Team Rewards Program

Introducing Gleam Team Rewards!

We’re proud to bring top-quality exterior cleaning services to San Antonio. Thinking about signing up for a rewards program just for scheduling services? You’re in for some awesome benefits!

Cost Savings

By participating in the rewards program, customers can enjoy discounted rates on exterior cleaning services. This translates to direct cost savings on regular maintenance tasks such as pressure washing, window cleaning, gutter cleaning or roof cleaning.

Regular Maintenance And Upkeep

Exterior cleaning services are essential for maintaining the appearance and condition of your home. By signing up for the rewards program, customers are more likely to prioritize and stay on top of these maintenance tasks.

Convenience And Peace Of Mind

By being part of the rewards program, you gain access to a network of trusted and professional exterior cleaning technicians. This eliminates the need to spend time researching and vetting individual contractors – we’re here for you!

Enhanced Curb Appeal

By signing up for the Gleam Team Rewards program, customers can maintain a consistently clean and well-maintained exterior, creating a positive impression and potentially increasing the value of their home.

Additional Perks And Benefits

Apart from service discounts, rewards members can take advantage of our birthday and anniversary specials. Enjoy perks only available to faithful customers who understand the value of our services!

Join The Reward Program

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Gleam Team Rewards Program Level

Rewards levels are determined based on the frequency of your services. The levels and benefits are as follows:

Yellow Rewards Program – Customers with one completed service qualify to sign up for this level. Enjoy 5% off on your next service!

Blue Rewards Program – After two completed services, our customers can enjoy this reward level. Benefits include 5% off your next service, $100 deposit waived and a FREE upgrade on your window cleaning

Gold Rewards Program – Our customers qualify for this reward level after three completed services. Enjoy all the same perks as the Blue Rewards Level plus one FREE track detailing.

Platinum Rewards Program – After enjoying four completed services, you can qualify for this reward level. Your rewards include all of the above perks plus 1 FREE exterior-only window cleaning

Additional Gleam Team Rewards

At Gleam Team, we go above and beyond for our customers. When you become a Rewards Member, you can enjoy the benefits of Birthday & Anniversary Specials. For members who schedule services during their birthday month, take 10% off! During your member anniversary, enjoy a FREE bag and haul with a gutter cleaning service.

Join The Reward Program

Customers who sign up for the Gleam Team Rewards Program benefit from cost savings, regular maintenance, convenience, enhanced curb appeal and additional perks. The program allows our customers to maintain a clean and well-maintained exterior while enjoying discounts and other advantages!

This program is an attractive option for homeowners seeking reliable and affordable exterior cleaning services. Ready to reap your rewards? Schedule your exterior cleaning service today!

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