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Blind Cleaning In San Antonio

Here at Gleam Team Exterior Cleaning, we pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality outdoor cleaning services that we can achieve. While most of our focus is outdoors, one aspect of indoor cleaning we feel is important enough for us to specialize in is blind cleaning.

While we’re far from a maid service, blinds are an essential barrier between inside and out, and we consider them to be the last proactive defense of your building’s exterior. Blinds are the indoor equivalent of the back of your ears in that they are often overlooked during cleaning. This is understandable. Dust accumulation on blinds may not be apparent, and cleaning dozens of individual blinds is tremendously tedious.

While unfortunately tedious, cleaning your blinds is important to both the health of your blinds and the occupants of your building. Fortunately, Gleam Team is here to provide the blind cleaning in San Antonio you need to avoid spending hours scrubbing away at dirty blinds.


Benefits Of Blind Cleaning 

While it may seem unimportant, there are many benefits to paying for professional blind cleaning services that one may not be so quick to consider.

To provide another analogy, we can think about our blinds like eyelashes that provide a barrier between your building’s windows, and the dust and debris that is constantly trying to make its way inside. The accumulation of dust can lead to several negative consequences, some far more serious than others.

To break things down, there are the main benefits associated with professional blind cleaning services.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

It has been proven that your home’s blinds and drapes can be one of the biggest contributors to poor indoor air quality in your home. When left undusted and soiled, the dust that accumulates on these objects will be released into the air over time and can lead to several negative effects which include:

  • Allergies
  • Running nose
  • Respiratory issues
  • Increased dust accumulation in the home overall.

Improved Blind Longevity

While the weight of dust may seem insignificant, not cleaning and taking care of your blinds can lead to increased wear and tear, which is directly reflected in a shorter lifespan. When considering the cost of new blinds, the small cost of regular professional blind cleaning can pay for itself.

Assurance Of Quality

Your blinds are surprisingly complex for what they are. Most blinds consist of a fairly fragile series of strings and pulleys, and when not handled carefully, can be easily damaged. There is no need to worry about damaging your blinds when you could have Gleam Team do it and rest assured that you’re getting the best blind cleaning around.

More Affordable Than You’d Think

Again, we’d like to emphasize, we are not a maid service. This also means that our blind cleaning services are far less expensive than your average maid services. Professional blind cleaning is far more affordable than you might think, and when considering the time it takes to do it yourself, is more than worth it.

Don’t Be Blind To The Benefits Of Professional Blind Cleaning

Keeping the barriers between the outdoors and the inside of your home or business is far more important than most people ever consider. Not only will keeping your blinds clean help keep the rest of your space clean, but it can actively contribute to better health and easier breathing.

If you think you could benefit from a professional blind cleaning — and we think everyone could — don’t hesitate to give Gleam Team a call today! We are the best in exterior cleaning, up to and including your blinds!

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