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Keep your building clear of grime with gutter protection!

Gutter Protection Installation

There is a long-standing and good reason why the phrase “in the gutter” is referring to something in a bad place. Letting debris accumulate in your gutter can lead to several consequences and anything less than a clear gutter is never a good thing.

Luckily, Gleam Team Exterior Cleaning is here with the San Antonio gutter protection you never knew you needed! Our team has made a business out of exterior cleaning, and gutter protection is one of the key services we provide. So, let us protect your gutters and show you why we’re building a reputation for providing the best gutter guard installation around.

As professionals, we use nothing less than professional equipment and are proud to provide a state-of-the-art RainDrop Gutter Guard!

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5 Consequences Of Dirty Gutters

Water Damage

The purpose of your gutters is to safely direct water flow from the top of your building into a proper drainage location. When your gutters are blocked with dirt, leaves and debris, proper drainage becomes impossible — the excess of water this creates could cause damage to the structure of your property.

Roof Damage

Additionally, water that isn’t allowed to properly drain can easily cause damage to the structure of your roof, quickly leading to leaks and water damage.


Your gutters become narrow troughs filled with twigs and leaves when they’re dirty, creating ideal nesting places for bugs and small critters. Without proper caution, a pest outside of your building can quickly become one inside of it — and gutter protection is one more layer of protection against invasion.

Foundation Damage

Water accumulation always has the unfortunate potential to damage your foundation. Water that is prevented from properly draining away from your building can pool around its foundation and cause serious damage.

Unforeseen Expenses And Repairs

Every issue above could lead to the consequence of unforeseen expenses and repairs. Repairs to the structure of your home or business could leave you in the hole thousands of dollars, and failure to properly take care of and maintain your gutters can shorten their lifespan and leave you having to replace them sooner than expected. The minimal cost of gutter protection can truly seem small when compared next to the cost of major repairs.

They can be easy to overlook, but you must take proper care in preventing your gutters from being clogged by debris. Luckily, Gleam Team is here to provide you with the most state-of-the-art gutter protection and gutter cleaning services on the market so you can take care of the build-up before it ever becomes a problem.

RainDrop Gutter Guards

Gleam Team Exterior Cleaning is proud to offer what we consider to be the best products in the industry. That’s why we’re proud to be a provider of the RainDrop gutter protection system.

Traditional guard systems tend to be plagued with issues that end up forcing you to clean them just like you would have to clean the gutters. A guard isn’t much good if it fails to do its job because it’s clogged or covered with algae! RainDrop is specifically designed so that debris can fall away from your home and not accumulate in your gutters or on top of the guard itself.

Gleam Team is proud to work with the best and provide the best gutter cover installation around. RainDrop is something we would confidently install on any of our own homes or businesses, and we look forward to installing it on yours.

Throw Your Worries In The Gutter With Gleam Team!

If you want to get ahead of mother nature and take the best step to prevent future gutter build-up and damage, don’t hesitate to call Gleam Team Exterior Cleaning today! We’re confident that we can provide you with the gutter protection that will keep you off the ladder and your gutters draining properly! Contact your local gutter cleaning company today.

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