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Clear your view and enjoy your home with clean windows!

Hassle-Free Professional Window Cleaning Services

Even the tidiest house or office needs a deep cleaning after seasons of weather exposure. Here in Texas, buildup easily forms on the exterior parts of your home and business. Grime from rainwater, pollen and dirt can cause an unsightly film to form on your windows. Let the professionals at Gleam Team help!

We’re here for our San Antonio residents, and we believe every building deserves to look its best. We offer thorough window washing services for your space – inside and out. Read on to learn more about your cleaning options and what Gleam Team can do for you!

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It’s Just A Window, Right?

The fact remains, window washing involves more than glass panes. You have to be mindful of your screens, tracks, weather sealing and frames. So what can go wrong? A DIY window washing can cause damage to your home.

For instance, pressure washing can break glass, window cleaning chemicals can damage your landscaping and reaching all your windows can be hazardous – especially if you have to climb a ladder. Even after all that, if done incorrectly you can still be left with spots and streaks.

That’s why it’s crucial to trust the professionals when it comes to window cleaning. It’s not just a simple task of wiping away dirt and grime. Professional window cleaners understand the intricacies involved, ensuring a thorough and safe cleaning process. They have the expertise to handle delicate screens, navigate tricky tracks, and maintain the integrity of weather sealing and frames.


Here are a list of cities we offer our professional Window Cleaning service:

Advantages Of Professional Window Cleaning

We understand that our clients have a broad range of needs, and we believe you shouldn’t pay for what you don’t need. Let’s begin with what we base our pricing on, which is one standard, single-hung window. We consider a standard-sized window to range from 3-by-4 to 4-by-5. Here are the packages in simple terms.

Exterior Window Cleaning

This is our most basic window cleaning service, starting at $11 per window. Price will vary depending on the size and style, e.g. divided panes, bay windows, etc.


This service includes cleaning both the interior and exterior of your windows. Our team will clean the glass and wipe sills, exposed tracks and screen frames. This service starts at $13 per window (no rainy-day warranty).


With the All-Star service, you get everything that comes with the Starter – clean glass, wiped tracks, sills and screen frame – but we’ll also brush your screens. This service starts at $15 per window (includes a 3-day rainy day warranty).

Hall Of Fame

Our most comprehensive service. You get all the benefits of the previous services, like clean glass, clean tracks and frames, with a handwash screen cleaning. Starting at $19 per window (includes a 7-day rainy day warranty) this deal is hard to pass up!

Other common windows that we service are divided light windows and storm windows with double panes. Prices for these are higher simply because they are significantly more labor-intensive. Other services that we offer are screen deep washing, screen sealing, as well as glass restoration and scraping. With Gleam Team, you only pay for what you need!

Commercial Window Cleaning

Effectively cleaning the windows on your business requires a specific skill set — it’s not even the same as residential window washing! With more windows of different sizes and qualities, you need an expert team to carefully cleanse and clear your business’s windows. If you’re looking to make your office or retail space shine, consider working with Gleam Team’s commercial window cleaning team!

Start Saving Today

What if you want to keep your windows looking great year-round? Gleam Team would be honored to do that for you! When you schedule your window cleaning service with us, you qualify to join our maintenance plan program. After you sign up, we’ll send you a text or phone call to remind you of your upcoming service.

Say goodbye to the hassle of remembering when to schedule, and enjoy a discount that saves you money – all while keeping your windows looking great! You can save 5% on annual service agreements, 10% on biannual service agreements and 15% on quarterly service agreements. Reach out today for more information or to get started!

Rely On Gleam Team

Whether you’re looking to clean your bay windows, only those in the front of your house or all your business’s windows, look no further than the cleaning services from our team! And we’re not only here to clean the glass and frames. Let us clean your blinds or the surrounding siding, too. Your windows will shine like new with exterior cleaning from our team.

Here at Gleam Team, we make cleaning the exterior of your house or business easy and hassle-free. Contact our team for more information or to schedule your window cleaning today!

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