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How Often Should You Pressure Wash Your House?

Texas is no stranger to unpredictable weather. Since the outdoor conditions are constantly changing, grime and dirt can build up on the outside of your home. A filthy exterior can lower your home’s curb appeal or cause the material to become faded and discolored over time.

When your home becomes filthy, you can solve the problem with a pressure washing service from Gleam Team Exterior Cleaning! Our technicians believe that all San Antonio homeowners should take pride in their residence. Keep reading to learn about pressure washing and how often you should use the technique to clean your house!

When Should You Schedule A Pressure Washing Service?

A house washing service should be part of your household’s routine maintenance. On average, you should schedule this service one to two times per year. By cleaning your home on a regular basis, you’ll protect it from experiencing secondary issues.

The best time to schedule this service is in late spring. Cold temperatures can complicate the pressure washing process. Similarly, the hot summer temperatures can cause water to evaporate too quickly. This spring cleaning task will also remove all the winter buildup, keeping your home in excellent condition.

Factors That Can Affect Your Pressure Washing Schedule

Since pressure washing is an outdoor task, there are a few significant factors that can affect when you perform the service. However, being aware of these circumstances can help you determine when to have the wash performed.


Warm, humid climates are breeding grounds for mold and mildew. San Antonio is all too familiar with humidity, making your home a target for these fungi. The more dirt, mold and mildew your home accumulates, the more frequently you’ll need to pressure wash.


Sap can gather on your home if you live in rural areas with many trees. If this is the case, you may need to wash your house more than once per year. However, due to pollution, homes in populated cities with high-vehicle traffic may also need more than one routine service.

Weather Conditions

Weather can affect how frequently you have your home pressure washed. Some seasons experience more rain than others, which may cause mold to form on your property. High amounts of dirt and debris can also accumulate on your residence, causing it to be dirtier some years than others.

Benefits Of A House Pressure Washing

House washing services don’t only clean your home – they have a variety of notable advantages! When you have an experienced technician professionally clean your home, you can expect the following benefits:

When your residence is looking dingier than usual, don’t settle for a dirty home. A professional cleaning will benefit your property, ultimately helping it look its best.

Maintain Your Home With San Antonio Pressure Washing

Are you looking for a reliable company to give your home the bath it needs? Look no further than Gleam Team Exterior Cleaning! You can help your San Antonio home sparkle with a professional pressure wash. Contact us today to schedule your next service!

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