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Is It Okay To Pressure Wash A House?

Your home goes through a lot to keep you safe and and dry. From cloudy rainstorms to dusty heatwaves, the exterior of your home gets pelted with a lot of grime. If you’re looking for a way to restore your home’s original shine, pressure washing may be an efficient option.

Gleam Team Exterior Cleaning has pressure-washed countless homes over the years. Since pressure washing can be a harsh process, we understand your concern that it might damage the outside of your home. That’s why we want to establish whether or not it’s okay to pressure wash a house and how the process works.

What Is Pressure Washing?

Pressure washing is an exterior cleaning method. Water is sprayed at a high pressure on various surfaces to break down dirt and grime. Some house washing methods, like power washing, use heated, pressurized water, but pressure washing doesn’t require any heat. Homeowners may schedule this service for a few reasons, including:

  • Dull, dirty siding
  • Minor mold and mildew build-up
  • Dust from nearby construction
  • Dust storms

A pressure wash won’t fix peeling or sun-bleached paint, but it can help your siding stay vibrant for longer. Additionally, this cleaning option is more efficient than power washing since it has a lower risk of damaging the outside of your residence.

Is Pressure Washing Good For Your House?

Since this process requires the use of highly pressurized water, you may wonder if it can damage your siding. This concern is warranted since improper pressure washing can harm your home. Avoiding these risks requires some patience and expertise.

When you hire a team of professionals, you won’t have to stress about risks such as water buildup or paint damage. Gleam Team Exterior Cleaning has the knowledge and experience required to avoid these hazards. In fact, this exterior cleaning method holds many benefits when it’s performed correctly.

Benefits Of Pressure Washing

When you pressure wash house siding materials, you remove layers of dirt, mold and mildew that can lead to damage over time. Having this service performed at least once per year can help keep the exterior looking fresh, protecting it from damage in the future.

Mold and mildew growing on the outer walls of your home can grow inside your walls if it’s not treated. Pressure washing removes this problem before it causes health issues and more extensive damage. This process is an important part of home maintenance, which prevents major deterioration and expenses later on.

Additionally, if you need to repaint your home’s siding, this service is a great way to prepare the siding for paint application. Another advantage is an increase in curb appeal, which is beneficial for homeowners planning to sell their houses in the future.

Pressure Washing San Antonio Residents Can Trust

Pressure washing is a job you want to place in the hands of professionals. This effective service will provide your home with many advantages, keeping it fresh and clean. Gleam Team Exterior Cleaning is an efficient option for homeowners in San Antonio. Don’t wait to clean your home — contact us today to schedule your next home washing!

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